About Us

We partner with schools, teachers and parents to capture and use data to help them gain insights into student's academics and
improve their performance


INSIGHTSE is the dream project of a group of IIT/IIM/BITS graduates. The dream is to revolutionize the way we deliver education and measure academic performance of our students. The mission is to use the enormous amount of data from academic institutions to churn out information and turn it into valuable insights.

The phenomenon of using data to develop a more detailed understanding of problems and finding effective solutions is a growing global trend involving Governments, NGOs, or Corporates etc. INSIGHTSE partners with schools, teachers, and parents to help them capture and use data to gain insights into student’s academics & improve their performance and provide them with the right career guidance.

INSIGHTSE has a team with specialised skills in mathematics and statistics and collaborates with academicians to bring about a new way of performance measurement and management. Developments in the area of artificial intelligence along with the use of advanced mathematical techniques are expected to usher in new ways of imparting education and assessing the capabilities of the students and teachers. At INSIGHTSE we strive hard to become the torch bearers of this change in the education sector through state of the art data analytics by leveraging untapped data and making it predictive and useful to creating a positive impact on our CHILDRENs’ future and the collective progress of our society.

What do we do?

INSIGHTSE is focused on data analytics that powers progress and helps students and institutions to improve their performance.

Teachers Insights

If you are a school or a teacher, you would want to know what percentage of students understand a particular concept in a class right way or which students are particularly weak in Maths or which particular topic in Math requires the more focus to improve the overall performance of your class. We can answer all similar questions for you and help you create the optimal teaching strategy for your class.

Schools Insights

Analysing the variability in teacher performances, effectiveness of the teaching methodology, improvements over the years etc

Parents Insights

We have developed mathematical models to identify the strengths and weaknesses of students in different subjects. Which concepts do your kids have less clarity on? Which topics have they got good clarity on? We can provide you the answers.


Term wise reports on student performance incorporating historical performance of the student and overall class performance

Performance Measurement of Students

Continuous performance measurement of students, teachers and advanced performance comparisons between schools


Detailed and customised feedback for the students, parents and teachers based on the analysis of their performance and progress

Career Guidance

Tie ups with several top career counsellors and firms to use the academic data and provide the right guidance to your kids by understanding their strengths and mapping them to skills required for various professions